VIArtes Fifth Edition


THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED” is the winning project of the 5th edition of the VIArtes Public Art Contest, a ViaCatarina Shopping initiative, organised under Sonae Sierra’s Public Art Policy.

“THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED” is a sculptural installation comprising twenty-two sculptures. The sculptures are secured by the feet between the windows and the balcony of the building. They represent men, women and children walking, as though mirroring the movement of people along the Rua de Santa Catarina.

The work is a reflection of the street and the people walking along it. And just like an onlooker, who pauses to observe the façade, an unmoving body stands between the sculptures, observing the real-life hustle and bustle taking place in the street. This figure plays a decisive role in the work’s overall effect, personifying the attention to which the work appeals.

The work aims to attract the attention of passers-by not only to the façade, but mainly to themselves.

The pieces are made of fibreglass and are roughly life-sized replicas of the human figures they represent. In terms of colour, they feature a range of dark tones of different colours in order to contrast with the setting.

We leave you some pictures of our astonishing façade, waiting for your visit!