Incha desincha e passa



“Incha, desincha e passa”, by architects Filipe Santos Marinho and Vítor Carneiro de Mesquita, was the winning project of the 6th edition of VIArtes. 

 The two artists and founders of 560 Architects created the project under the motto of “time alters the interpretation of each and every work”. Through a structure with 318 balloons, the authors promised and created a dynamic movement on the façade. The entire façade “swells”, with the inflation of red balloons and “deflates”, guaranteeing the promised dynamism, movement, color and light. Finally, everything “passes” and, for a few moments, it is possible to observe the original façade. 






The project was inaugurated in October 2021 and will continue to illuminate the iconic Rua de Santa Catarina for the next few months.